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Perfect Vision 20/20

You and/or qualified Black men are invited to apply for selection to be part of an historic project called “Perfect Vision 20/20: 20 Black men, 20 Strategies for College Success”. “Perfect Vision – 20/20” is a signature collaboration between the Black Male Development Symposium (BMDS), Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable (PCPR) and AAKT Concepts, LLC which is designed to create citywide momentum around the problem of low college-going and graduation rates among Black males in the City of Philadelphia.  This unique collaboration brings a distinctive, dynamic and specific knowledge base designed to 1) facilitate the awareness, preparation, access and successful completion of postsecondary education for Black males and 2) provide the personal and professional manpower needed to support a three-tiered implementation structure of the project which includes senior college access and success professionals, developing professionals (0-5 years), and students at various points of transition (middle grades to high school, high to college and college to professional/graduate school and/or careers).


Perfect Vision Project will engage 20 Black men who are in various career stages as college readiness, access and retention professionals to develop 20 effective strategies to better prepare Black males for college and workplace success. Momentum will be generated through the mentoring and professional relationships built among participants; the energy and enthusiasm catalyzed by the powerful testimonials of those working within our communities; and through the enactment and documentation of the strategies developed throughout the project. BMDS, PCPR and AAKT Concepts have successfully collaborated on projects such as, the Black CAPs Philly project and numerous conferences for BMDS and PCPR. The participants will have an opportunity to showcase and present their work at these and other events and venues throughout the city.From September 2013 through May 2014, selected participants of the 20/20 Initiative’s Inaugural Cohort  will agree to fully engage the project as follows:

  • Attend monthly professional development sessions as scheduled (3 hours per session)
  • Work collectively with cohort members for 6 hours per month (in-person and/or virtually) developing the “culturally  competent college access and success” skills
  • Serve as “mentor” and “content expert” for the duration of the project
  • Join the PCPR network and speakers bureau.
  • Attend the PCPR and BMDS conferences/professional gatherings and Black CAPs Philly event
  • Brief the Mayor’s Commission on African-American Males

Sessions will be every 4th Saturday of the months between September and April held on the campuses of Arcadia University, the University of Pennsylvania and Community College of Philadelphia beginning .  Participants who complete the 9 month institute will receive a small stipend, certification and CEU credits, paid registration for the BMDS and PCPR conferences/professional gatherings, and other agreed upon relevant professional development opportunities. Participants will also have speaking and presentation opportunities and be acknowledged for contributions as co-authors of the resulting publication(s).


To apply and/or have a candidate to apply forward them the brochure at and/or complete the application form at the following link – by August 31, 2013.

Contact Thom Butler (thompgp@gmail.com484-843-1153) if there are any questions and/or concern.

(Please feel free to forward to anyone who may have interest and/or may benefit from the project.)