Our Mission/Vision & Standards


The mission of the Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable is to continuously enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of college access and success professionals and other stakeholders who help students matriculate and graduate from institutions of higher education.


The Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable will be the premiere network of professionals who use college access and success resources, training, and tools to enhance the opportunity for individuals to adapt to and thrive in a global and increasingly complex society.



The Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable seeks to strengthen a community of college access and success practitioners who believe in the potential of all individuals and help students navigate the path to and through higher education. We provide tools, resources and opportunities for discourse; support leadership development in the field; and seek to bridge the gap between policy, research and practice in the area of college access and completion.

As a support to the college prep community for 20 years, the Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable has taken a close look at what it means to advise someone for college as well as the implications of that advising on the outcome for students and families. It is with this understanding that we began to research nationally recognized standards of college counseling as well as our collective knowledge base to develop a set of standards around college advising to ensure that students, families, schools and PCPR affiliates are well-informed as they embark upon this ever-changing process. This act is more critical now than ever as the quickly-rising costs of a college education, as well as the necessity to obtain higher education in order to be a contender in today’s job market hangs heavy over the heads of our young people. It is clear that our communities need our knowledge, best practices and collective resources during this time of high-stakes decisions. No matter your thoughts about education reform and trends in K-12 and higher education locally, state-wide or nationally, we are looking at an evolving shift in educational paradigms. Entering our 20th year as a grassroots network, it is important that we continue to advocate and work for those who aspire to college so that they can actualize their dreams of a college degree.


Reflecting on recent trends in research as well as the field, improving the opportunity to identify match/ fit for students applying to college, while also increasing opportunities for sustainable financial aid options, are the main points of discussion in education circles. Through the recognition and utilization of professional standards in our college admissions and counseling practices, there is a greater likelihood that we are able to ensure that students and families are being exposed to realistic higher education options and have the ability to make sound decisions on how to move forward with these options.