Past Presentations & Meetings

PCPR 2023 May Meeting : "Is College Worth It?"

“Is College Worth It?” This question has created more and more discussion, debate and angst in various educational and economic circles in recent years. But do you know the factors that could influence whether college pays off or not?

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce has done extensive study of the Return On Investment (ROI) for those who have gone or will go to college. In attending this network meeting you will learn the results of their research and where and for whom a college credential has value.

The session presenter was Nicole Smith, Chief Economist and Research Professor, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

PCPR 2023 June Meeting : "Is College Worth It? Part II"

At the May PCPR meeting we explored the ROI of attending college and obtaining a degree…which generated great questions and healthy discussion!

We continued and built on this important topic with a “Part 2” for the June Network Meeting. During this meeting, we heard from knowledgeable professionals Katie Martin, The Pew Charitable Trusts (Philadelphia) and Jennifer Johnson Kebea, EdD, Campus Philly, with a particular emphasis on what this means in the Greater Philadelphia Region during the morning sessions.

PCPR 2023 April Meeting - Resources for College Signing Days

Putting plans in place to celebrate students with “College Signing Days” and “Decision Day” events is an important thing. We want to help you celebrate your students and give you excellent resources. As usual, we are providing some more tools for your tool box that come straight from the source. Aubriana Busby, Program Manager for Student & Family Engagement, Reach Higher of the CommonApp will be sharing expertise and knowledge that can support you and your students, and even their parents.

PCPR 2023 March Meeting - Summer Melt

If you advise students in their journey toward college, you know it’s a lot of work for both of you and the student– might we even say blood, sweat and tears. Imagine, however, after all the time and energy of everyone involved, that your student group is among the 10 – 40% of students who never enrolled in college in the fall. What happened you ask? They are potentially victims of a phenomenon known as “Summer Melt”.

Our Expert Presenters:
Stephanie Fiorelli, Director of Postsecondary Readiness and Success, The Urban Assembly
David LaNore, National College Attainment Network Member Services Manager

PCPR 2023 February Meeting - "HBCUs: A Visible Choices"

HBCUs have held a revered status in the black community, touted as engines of economic mobility and a refuge for Black Students. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that Historically Black Colleges Universities (HBCUs), however, have suffered due to unflattering media attention that perpetuated a negative public perception with compounding effects. As we will delve into these issues, you will indeed gain tools for your college access and success toolbox. This session should help increase your confidence in recommending HBCUs as viable choices for your students, as well as clear up common misconceptions that still exist regarding these institutions.

Joseph Montgomery, Associate Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, North Carolina A&T State University
Juan Alexander, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Norfolk State University
Hugh Durham, Director of Admission and Registrar, Florida A&M University
Robert Mason, Founder, Common Black College Application

PCPR 2023 - January Meeting - “Optimizing Engagement with PASSHE Universities"

PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) schools can be great options for students, especially those who are Pennsylvania residents. However, do you have the latest information? What else would you need to know to optimize your students’ engagement with PASSHE schools? This PCPR Network meeting, our speakers from several PASSHE institutions shared their resources.

PCPR 2022 December Meeting - Tech Majors and Careers

Since career options are one of the most puzzling parts of the college selection process, PCPR introduced some outstanding resources. In recognition of Computer Science week, the December PCPR Network meeting highlighted the potential, preparation, and possibilities available in careers in technology. 

The presentation and discussion was led by PCPR Advisory Council member:
Dr. Kristin Austin, Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access for Rewriting the Code.

PCPR 2022 November Meeting - National Scholarship Month

PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) schools can be great options for students, especially those who are Pennsylvania residents. However, do you have the latest information? What else would you need to know to optimize your students’ engagement with PASSHE schools? This PCPR Network meeting, our speakers from several PASSHE institutions shared their resources.

PCPR 2022 October Meeting - Supporting PA Act 158

This PCPR monthly network meeting featured Ali Robinson-Rogers, Deputy Chief, Postsecondary Readiness speaking on initiatives at the School District of Philadelphia on the School District of Philadelphia’s Graduation and Promotion requirements.

PCPR 2022 September Meeting - Building Your Professional Toolbox

The September 2022 PCPR monthly Network meeting focused on key industry recommended concepts and experiences to create a college access professional development strategy. The meeting featured college access professional tools from PhillyGoes2College, PA Higher Education Assistance Agency and the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

PCPR 2021 August Meeting - Mikyung Ryu, PhD Presentation on NSClearinghouse "Persistence and Retention report

Dr. Mikyung Ryu’s presentation on the National Student Clearinghouse’s “Persistence and Retention Report” (Fall 2021). In depth data on impact on pandemic implications.

Dr. Thomas provides the college access and success 2021 – 2022 year charge to College Prep Roundtable community.

PCPR 2021 September Meeting - "College Visits and Tours"

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has reports providing colleges and universities policies and procedures (as of Sept, 2021) on their visitation practices to the community at large as well as what their campus visitation policies are. Cameron Hair, NACAC’s Research and Grants Associate presented on these and other practices.

Dr. Bashar Hanna, President of Bloomsburg University explains the impending integration of six (6) institutions into two (2).…

PCPR 2022 April Meeting - What New Research Reveals about Equity, Fairness and Inclusion in Admission and Financial Aid.

At the April, 2022 PCPR meeting we dive into “Toward A More Equitable Future For Postsecondary Access”, a Lumina-funded research project conducted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), in partnership with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

David Hawkins, Chief Education and Policy Officer from NACAC, takes us through this critical journey of self-examination with a look at the entry challenges to postsecondary education and the recommended next steps.

This is Part 1 of a series of sessions to help professionals better assist students in navigating through the significant and continuous college admission and financial aid shifts.

The rapid-fire of continuous changes in college admission is overwhelming. The implications of DEI on test optional alternatives, the use of legacy admission, and scholarship lures and discounting, have recently topped the headlines.

The May PCPR network meeting featured a top-level panel of seasoned college admission professionals as they dissect the shifts and share updated approaches to college admission. This session is designed to enhance your strategies to help students navigate through the entry challenges of higher education.

Panelists included Darryl Jones, Gettysburg College, Michael White, Slippery Rock University, Dr. Darren Lipscomb, Community College Philadelphia