Past Presentations & Meetings

8/21 (KickOff) - David Thomas - “The Charge”

8/21 (KickOff) - Mikyung Ryu - NSClearinghouse "Persistence and Retention” report

9/21 - Cameron Hair - “College Campus Tours in 2021: Everything You Need to Know”

10/21 - Barshar Hanna - “PA Universities Merger Update”

11/21 - Michele Waxman Johnson and Jody Markley - “Scholarship Displacement”

12/21 - Dr. Amy Edwards and Mi-Yeet Wong - “Autistic Students: College Access and Success Resources and Supports”

1/20/22 - Sarah Wasch - "Fostering Care Students: College Access and Success Resources and Supports"

1/29/22 - Michele Streeter - "#DoublePell Update"

1/29/22 - Matt Carpenter, College Aid Pro - "Financial Aid Advocacy: Families w/ Multiple Students in College"

2/19/22 - "The 10 Most Important Things to Know About the FAFSA Simplification"

PCPR March Meeting College Access and Success Indicators with Bill DeBaun Bill DeBaun (National College Attainment Network) presents on the importance of measuring one's performance using college access and success indicators in everyday college access and success work

PCPR March Meeting - Effective Practice in College Access with Marcus Iannozzi

Marcus Iannozzi presents measures of knowing the effectiveness of one's practice in the area of college access and success.

4/21/2022 - What New Research Reveals about Equity, Fairness and Inclusion in Admission and Financial Aid.

At the April, 2022 PCPR meeting we dive into “Toward A More Equitable Future For Postsecondary Access”, a Lumina-funded research project conducted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), in partnership with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

David Hawkins, Chief Education and Policy Officer from NACAC, takes us through this critical journey of self-examination with a look at the entry challenges to postsecondary education and the recommended next steps.

This is Part 1 of a series of sessions to help professionals better assist students in navigating through the significant and continuous college admission and financial aid shifts.

PCPR 2022 May Meeting: The Whirlwind College Admissions Shift

The rapid-fire of continuous changes in college admission is overwhelming. The implications of DEI on test optional alternatives, the use of legacy admission, and scholarship lures and discounting, have recently topped the headlines.

The May PCPR network meeting featured a top-level panel of seasoned college admission professionals as they dissect the shifts and share updated approaches to college admission. This session is designed to enhance your strategies to help students navigate through the entry challenges of higher education.

Panelists included Darryl Jones, Gettysburg College, Michael White, Slippery Rock University, Dr. Darren Lipscomb, Community College Philadelphia