Download a copy of our Sponsorship Opportunity letter

Sponsorship of the Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable provides a unique opportunity for organizations to gain a mutual benefit while supporting and impacting the critical work of college access and success. We know that, at its core, we all desire to support the professional who provide equity and access to students who are aspiring to achieve a postsecondary degree and workplace success.

The mission of the Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable is to strengthen a community of 
college access and success practitioners who believe in the potential of all individuals and help students navigate the path to and through higher education. We provide tools, resources and opportunities for discourse; support leadership development in the field; and seek to bridge the gap between policy, research and practice in the area of college access and completion.

The Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable emerged from a small group of committed college access and success practitioners who started networking in 1992 with the intent of sharing information that could maximize their own knowledge and better support students’ college aspirations. Today, the group is still driven by a community of practitioners and its network that includes participants from organizations throughout the region.

During monthly meetings on campuses throughout the region, the members of PCPR address common concerns including academic preparedness, college entrance criteria, parental involvement and a host of other strategies to enhance and impact the college attendance and completion rates in the School District of Philadelphia and neighboring districts.

PCPR updates network members on the impact of federal, state, and local policies affecting college access and success. We have supported over 750 professionals as part of our network and over 2,000 individuals representing a wide range of businesses, K-12 agencies, school districts and non-profit organizations over the last two decades.

To effectively execute our ideals and strategies, Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable convenes practitioners across the city through monthly meetings, online updates, and unique professional development opportunities. Additionally, PCPR hosts an annual regional conference to present industry trends, notable speakers, best practices and effective strategies.

PCPR maintain a set of core values and priorities critical to supporting the development of astrong college going culture including:

Collaboration: PCPR brings together a diverse group of practitioners and supporting participants. Not only do they serve their students and their respective programs, they work to share resources and expertise with other members to achieve their individual and institutional goals while affirming the mission of PCPR.
Regional Outreach: While the Philadelphia area possesses a wealth of post-secondary institutions, many high school students still graduate unprepared for the rigors and demands of these institutions. PCPR advocates and supports activities that assist local students in achieving their goals.
Partnership: PCPR’s success depends on the support of numerous state and local municipalities, foundations, and higher education institutions. We continue to establish partnerships as a function of our mission.
Professionalism: All PCPR members and advocates affirm and validate the three purposes set forth in the PCPR mission: develop, represent, and support. While upholding strong ethical standards in support of professional responsibility and accountability for students seeking post-secondary options, PCPR is the premiere network of professionals that continue to improve the lives of individuals to thrive and adapt to a complex and global society.

Below are the details concerning a $2,500 sponsorship opportunity:

● Opportunity to disseminate or share your organization’s information, products and services to members and network (i.e. meetings, website, emails, publications, social media, job postings, etc.)
● Display of your company or organization’s logo (hyperlinked) on website
● Access to members-only sections
● Free access to professional developments and webinars
● Discounted conference and exhibitor fees
● Free webpage on @College™ that is on online video service for the college preparation and selection process for college-bound students.

If your organization would like to be a Sponsor, please contact Thomas Butler, Director of Advancement and Operations, at or 484-843-1153 if you should have any questions or need additional information.

Your donation in the amount of $2,500 or more is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working collaboratively with your organization and receiving a financial commitment.Thank you for your time and consideration of this worthy endeavor.