The Speaker’s Bureau is designed to provide college access and success practitioners and community constituents with high quality information and professional development institutes and workshops. The Speakers Bureau will offer skills driven content to ensure practitioners maintain up-to-date with best practices and current technology.

The Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable is now accepting applications for members to participate in the Speaker’s Bureau. Information sessions will be scheduled to provide more information to applicants.

 Launching January 2016

We are currently building our cadre of speakers and we expect organizations to be able to request speakers in January 2016. For more information or to make initial inquiries, email us at

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  • 484-843-1153
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • United States

Visionary strategist with a demonstrated ability to deliver academic and scholastic focused programs objectives. Solid career developing solutions for academic practices and principles for Grades K-16 success. Oversees community outreach programs, college access, recruitment and retention coupled with related student affairs matters. He fosters a culture of teamwork, shared mission and dedication to academic access and student success. His spirit is rooted in equity and access for all in education.

Thomas’ professional affiliation and appointments includes:

He has received numerous awards including: